Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to wear hijab-a few very basic styles for newbies

In my efforts to enlighten my fellow Muslim women about the Hijab.I found this video very helpful to teach women with difficulties in wearing the Hijab appropriately. This video teaches you the basic style of wearing the Hijab.

Women's prayer according to Qur'an

I just found this video on YouTube about how Muslim women should pray. I thought of  sharing it to give more insight on it.let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Spiritual House Cleaning

God's protection of us and His power released through us are directly related to His purposes for us. When we willfully or ignorantly for that matter, step away from God's purposes for our lives, we step out from under His protective care.

We the Youth are rushing to no where in particular. It seems all we see is the  path cleared by our own minds. Yet when we patiently look with clear distinctive eyeballs void of "rims", we see the Truth that lies in our individual paths.

Be Patient my fellow Youth. For it is the only friend we have as individuals and as a whole. Be more disciplined than the soul breathed into you. For that will only help serve your purposes in this life and the hereafter.

God Knoweth Best.

Friday, 1 November 2013


When one lives,it's a test of faith. When one dies,all the results of the tests go along with him. I've lived just 24 years,four months and fifteen days. I'm a youth in her prime. It's just simple as that. But before being a youth,I'm first and most importantly, a Muslim. Now, that comes before any other thing. I Live For God. Simple. Whether good or bad.
In all my years,I believe I start counting my real life at the age of 14-15. WHY? Because the first teenage years are still seen as childhood years in my part of the world. Growing up,I knew so little about Islam. I mean,till date, I believe I still know little. But it keeps getting better by the years. I knew I needed to pray but I hardly did as a "child." I knew I needed to fast and I did it 'cause the mood was rightly global. I knew I needed to attend Arabic school and I did that so unwillingly and impassionately. All those years,I simply lived as an ignorant teen. Doing what I liked and living for the time without knowing in any way what death is/was.
Photo credit: Women in Islam
But as the years go by, event upon event occurs,then knowledge is collected from a series of experiences,I began to know God and what I was created for. I strived and still strive to comprehend God in the possible little way I can. Of course this comes with many hicups and setbacks. It also comes with the smooth ride over a terribly bumpy road. Then the smiles against the pains. And the tears despite the hugs and kind words or even the heart touching recitations of the Qur'an. But Above all, even in the most terrible way, I knew I was simply living my decree and all those highs and lows were simply My Tests of faith.
Whatever good I got from my actions,I knew it was a test of faith. Whatever "bad" (as most of us call it) that was generated from either my actions or not, I knew it was simply a test of faith. However, i grew to understand clearly,that the true test of faith lies in the one thing that one struggles with on a daily basis. PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE (on the innate desire to have what one feels for at any time-a whimsical desire) In every aspect of the word,discipline was and is the most difficult thing to do without training or advice. Everyone has his or her own test. We live different decrees. No two people can live through one decree and come out the same. My life has been so imperfect. And absolutely the best life I could have been given to live. So is any one else's. But the most common attributes in all our lives, in all our decrees are Patience and Discipline. In everything we do and everywhere we are. Irrespective of who we are,what we are,where we're from and where we're headed.
Patience and Discipline in light and darkness. Alone and in company. Audibly and Silently. It takes a disciplined mind and body to serve God genuinely. It takes a disciplined heart to understand or strive to understand the ways of God. Because in the end, your test of faith comes with clearly, undisputed documented results in your grave. Written by no one except yourself. No lies will accompany you then. No forgery with a correction fluid will accompany you. It's simple and straight forward. Your actions and reactions during your tests will reward you. So why not discipline yourself in patience. And why not patiently discipline yourself? A reminder To those who constantly reflect.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


When man is told God is All Knowing,he understands little but does not ask why. Let me tell you why.

God in His infinite Knowledge made known to all His creations some things and denied them others. Be it an angel,man,animal,etc. Because if all was known to them,they would declare themselves as God.

For man, he was honored by God Almighty four times; One,he was created by God's own Blessed hand. Two,God breathed His own spirit into him. Three,He taught man the names of things and Four,He ordered the angels to fall in prostration to him.

Do we then,dishonour ourselves by disobeying God?!.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


how things actually work...
As a child, whether you came to your family by birth or adoption, you discover what a family is through the experiences of family life. As a new-born infant, you have no way of knowing which of the faces that hover above you belongs to your parents. You have no way of knowing what a parent is. You only know that you're comfortable or uncomfortable, hungry or satisfied.
Gradually, as the months go by, you begin to know who brings comfort when you're uncomfortable and food when you're hungry. You come to know through feel of the arm that holds you close when you eat and holds you safe in your bath. You know the voice that soothes you and sings to you.
You grow to know who responds to your needs when you cry out. This is the special person in the whole strange new world who belongs specially to you. This is your first recognition of a parent.
Your mother and father who care for you, who listen for your voice and try to interpret what you mean, who comfort you, feed you and play with you discover for the first time what it is to be parents. They do not become parents by virtue of conception and birth alone. They grow to be parents just as you as an infant grows to recognize them as such.
They come to know the developing personality of you, their child in a way that no other person really can. They recognize whether you're a lusty eater or a nibbler, vivacious or reserved, adventurous or cautious. By observing your intellectual and physical abilities, they also get to know what you may become in future, although that is mainly reserved for Allah. They're concerned with meeting your needs and wants; (except of course, irresponsible parents) and fostering your growth to maturity.
At times, because of their responsibility to you, their child, parents have to do unpleasant things. They have, for instance, to take you for injections. You as a child or infant can have no choice about taking medicine when you're ill. You must learn quickly and not necessarily at your own pace, that fire is not a play-thing (lol). In the intimacies of daily living, you the child and your parents learn the bitter and the sweet of family relations. It is through the experiences of family life that you as a child and your parents grow to be a family.
Therefore, For every parent, be it biological or adoptive, it is the daily loving care of the child and his responsiveness that build up the parents' feelings. For every child, it is being loved and being cared for that produces family closeness.
May God help us to respect, love and adore our parents for whoever they are, In Shaa Allaah. Aameen.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


A Humble Reminder to myself and all.

In every sphere of our lives as Muslims, we ought to have an unshakeable faith but as humans, we are not expected to go without the rise and fall of our imaan (faith).We constantly have to reactive our purposes in life and in so doing, the first point of call is our spiritual courtesy.
As the Glorious month approaches, it may or not knock at our doors. Death could eventually reach us before Ramadhan. However, we need to revive our imaan before the month reaches us.
No need for hypocrisy. Waiting for the month to begin before increasing our worship of Allah?! No need to wait till then to change our ringing tones into Qur’an verses (which is not allowed, anyway) or Nasheeds. No need to wait until then to clean up our houses and make everything ready for it. It should be done at all times but increased in Ramadhan.
We ought to, in all honesty forgive and ask others to forgive us. We should clean our hearts and clear our minds. Make our entire system devoid of any negativity before Ramadhan and not during. We should seek for forgiveness for the many months of disobedience and feel pure. In this way, we can simply exert all our energies into Worshiping and Praising Allah and enjoy doing so without fear of it not being accepted that is,(If the Glorious month reaches us before death).
I pray That Allah's Mercy be visited upon us before, during and after Ramadhan.I pray that as the month reaches us or not, He forgives us for the sins we committed openly or secretly, intentionally and unintentionally.
I pray that for God's love of the Prophet (S.A.W) and his Ummah, our genuine acts of worship are accepted in many folds and we go back to Him as clean as new born babies. I pray also that the month does not leave us still in distress of whatever issues we are encountering, In Shaa Allaah. Aameen. I wish you a Blessed Ramadhan to come.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Our parents are our first call whenever we have something or need something. Throughout our lives, we've always had to depend on them whenever we needed something. Sometimes, it may not even be a need but we will rush to them for it. This happens especially when we are in the junior and senior high schools.

We even sometimes emotionally depend on them. When it comes to our parents, we children are normally "self centered." We don't, although not intentionally, seem to care about what they have or do not have. All we do is demand and expect to be given at our own whims. We hardly care about how they feel when we disobey them, how they would want us to behave and even why they want us to do certain things their way. Perhaps, that's how God made it. The selfless parent and the selfish child.

However, until God decides otherwise, the tables turn within years. We find or will someday find ourselves in their position as parents and may have to face less, equally or even more of what we did to them. Whether in the child's young age or youthful age if you served your parents with goodwill, you will get your share of that which you served. And if you did serve them with a bundle of pain, nothing will avert your portion of the pain until God decides otherwise.

We are in an era when our parents are disregarded and hugely disrespected. Unfortunately, we forget or don’t even know that in them lies our Jannah (Paradise). We forget that they’re God’s first representatives in our lives. And Shaiytan’s (Satan's) immediate point of destruction in our lives. No matter how difficult or "bad" we think they are, we are taught to be patient with them. Patience we are told. Patience, we should strive to practice.

Indeed it is difficult, but with prayers and sincere faith in God and genuine actions, we will part ways with them from this world in peace. Always remember God in your dealings with them. This will ultimately cleanse you from all "the child – parent trouble" on the day you stand before He in whose hand lies yours and your parents lives. And God Surely Does Know Best.

Monday, 3 June 2013


Obviously, just like always, God knew why He ordered us women to cover up. Fine, even if He had no reason, don't you think as a woman, covering up is far enlightening to your spirit than not covering up?!

When she is covered up, she feels herself. She feels safe even from the whispering breeze. Irrespective of how scotchy the sun is, covering up makes her feel much better because she doesn't have to directly burn up from the heat of the sun. Her physical hijaab is her husband. A companion she lives with in every nook and cranny of the little world she lives in. It makes her whole and completes her clothing responsibility.

She doesn't have to tell people of who she is. Her appearance from the onset tells it all. Where she's from and where she's headed. In her hijaab, she easily connects with her creator. She can chat with Him at anytime and anywhere. That emptiness others feel isn't something that exists in her because, she feels whole too.

Mind you, she doesn't feel whole because she's simply all covered up but because, she makes sure her character and attitude towards her creator, life, people and all living and non-living creatures isn't perfect but something to write home about. Her confidence in being her isn't because she's all covered up but because she strives to keep a good relationship with God and those around her; be it family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, strangers, etc.

Of-course, she has her shortfalls. But that doesn't make her a fake Muslimmah. It only tells she's human. She lies, (although she detests it). She backbites (although she strives to stop herself). She "fornicates" with her eyes (even if she fights her heart). But all this doesn't make her a hypocrite. It simply tells she's living her decree.

She knows what others may think because she's all covered up. However, she chooses to wear complete apparel not because she is restricted physically and financially but because she prefers to live as the Queen she was created to be. But believe me; she sure does have a beautiful body. Mind you, a purely sexy one. From hair to toes. And that's why she reserves it for the one man for whom she was created. Don't fret. That lady in hijaab is not oppressed by covering up. She simply is living as the Queen she is.

Monday, 29 April 2013


A recent happening in our communities has brought an extremely important yet “unique” situation within the youth. A naive girl lives under her mother's roof with little to eat but knows what to do on her yearly Christian Calendar birthday. A naive man who shares a room with his friend or family knows where to celebrate his birthday. A naive man who suffers minute to earn money knows that he has to organize a birthday party for his “girl friend.”

At these parties, “clothes are worn.” “Prayers are offered.” “Friendships are created.” After everything is said and done, the parties or persons involved look back to their everyday lives. Living in poverty and utter insanity. Every youth today, knows when he/she was born not because he/she is required to know but because the birthday is a memorable day. How insane?!

Does anyone stop to think of the infant who died a few seconds before or after birth? On your birthday, do you ever think of why you have lived to see that day? Do we ever even stop to think of the pain our mothers went through in giving birth, weaning and raising us? Do we ever wait for a few seconds and pray for ourselves and our parents irrespective of any circumstance or where they may be? Do we in all honesty, reflect on where we are coming from and where we are headed?

On the day, we call exceptional, have you and I, just praised God for creating us, for protecting us, for giving our guardians patience and understanding in our upbringing? Have we ever just smiled with our hearts and eyes and said, ALHAMDULILLAH to God?

NO. NO. And NO. The birthday trend has filled our heads and hearts. We just want to enjoy that day while it lasts or while we can to the fullest. All we think of is ourselves on that day. But we do forget that just as it’s a one year plus, it’s also a one year minus to our years of life and therefore, need to "get busy" before we can't.

Do good on your birthday. Fast if you can. Share it with the people who need it most. Get closer to God with every second of breath He Blesses you with and pray for His Guidance all the time. In this, you will surely find peace within you and satisfaction for the rest of your days on earth. And God Knows Best.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Time undoubtedly waits for no man whiles man desperately waits on life. Life distress-fully waits for no opportunity. Daily, as the rooster crows and the birds chirp. As the dogs bark at night and the fireflies “tick”, man grows. Man ages. And man welcomes his unwelcome guest; death.

But before the inevitability of death consumes man, he reminisces. Man wishes he could turn the hands of time. Man wishes to return to a time when life was uncomplicated. Man, little child. He wants to be oblivious to the complexities of life. He wants to be overly excited by the little things that make him a little child.

Man wants to believe in the power of smiles,
The benefit of hugs
The love of a kind word
The strength and affection of truth and justice
The solemnity of peace
Then he wants to believe in the integrity of dreams and the inspiration of mankind.

At that point in time, it is not insanity but God in His infinite Knowledge working.
He can change  the condition of even the most faithful worshiper.
Indeed He makes him the man child.


Living in our world for long is not permanent. But dying away for long is eternal. The more we grow, the more we learn. The more we grow, the faster our years of living reduce. Such is life.

Years may wrinkle our skin but to give up in life wrinkles our destiny. What have we put down for ourselves for that day of reckoning? What will we tell ourselves when the owner of the heavens and the earth calls us to Him?!

We are on the verge of extinction minute by minute, day by day and need to wake up and smell the coffee before our sense of smell exits. With all the chaos in our lives, all the fun, all the pain, mysteries, hatred, joy and happiness, we must understand one thing.

We own nothing but ourselves. We own nothing except ourselves. This world and its laws allow us nothing except ourselves. And there’s nothing we can leave behind when we die Except the memory of ourselves. So the best we can keep and leave as memory to the world and the hereafter is the best in deeds and words. And God knows best.