Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Our parents are our first call whenever we have something or need something. Throughout our lives, we've always had to depend on them whenever we needed something. Sometimes, it may not even be a need but we will rush to them for it. This happens especially when we are in the junior and senior high schools.

We even sometimes emotionally depend on them. When it comes to our parents, we children are normally "self centered." We don't, although not intentionally, seem to care about what they have or do not have. All we do is demand and expect to be given at our own whims. We hardly care about how they feel when we disobey them, how they would want us to behave and even why they want us to do certain things their way. Perhaps, that's how God made it. The selfless parent and the selfish child.

However, until God decides otherwise, the tables turn within years. We find or will someday find ourselves in their position as parents and may have to face less, equally or even more of what we did to them. Whether in the child's young age or youthful age if you served your parents with goodwill, you will get your share of that which you served. And if you did serve them with a bundle of pain, nothing will avert your portion of the pain until God decides otherwise.

We are in an era when our parents are disregarded and hugely disrespected. Unfortunately, we forget or don’t even know that in them lies our Jannah (Paradise). We forget that they’re God’s first representatives in our lives. And Shaiytan’s (Satan's) immediate point of destruction in our lives. No matter how difficult or "bad" we think they are, we are taught to be patient with them. Patience we are told. Patience, we should strive to practice.

Indeed it is difficult, but with prayers and sincere faith in God and genuine actions, we will part ways with them from this world in peace. Always remember God in your dealings with them. This will ultimately cleanse you from all "the child – parent trouble" on the day you stand before He in whose hand lies yours and your parents lives. And God Surely Does Know Best.

Monday, 3 June 2013


Obviously, just like always, God knew why He ordered us women to cover up. Fine, even if He had no reason, don't you think as a woman, covering up is far enlightening to your spirit than not covering up?!

When she is covered up, she feels herself. She feels safe even from the whispering breeze. Irrespective of how scotchy the sun is, covering up makes her feel much better because she doesn't have to directly burn up from the heat of the sun. Her physical hijaab is her husband. A companion she lives with in every nook and cranny of the little world she lives in. It makes her whole and completes her clothing responsibility.

She doesn't have to tell people of who she is. Her appearance from the onset tells it all. Where she's from and where she's headed. In her hijaab, she easily connects with her creator. She can chat with Him at anytime and anywhere. That emptiness others feel isn't something that exists in her because, she feels whole too.

Mind you, she doesn't feel whole because she's simply all covered up but because, she makes sure her character and attitude towards her creator, life, people and all living and non-living creatures isn't perfect but something to write home about. Her confidence in being her isn't because she's all covered up but because she strives to keep a good relationship with God and those around her; be it family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, strangers, etc.

Of-course, she has her shortfalls. But that doesn't make her a fake Muslimmah. It only tells she's human. She lies, (although she detests it). She backbites (although she strives to stop herself). She "fornicates" with her eyes (even if she fights her heart). But all this doesn't make her a hypocrite. It simply tells she's living her decree.

She knows what others may think because she's all covered up. However, she chooses to wear complete apparel not because she is restricted physically and financially but because she prefers to live as the Queen she was created to be. But believe me; she sure does have a beautiful body. Mind you, a purely sexy one. From hair to toes. And that's why she reserves it for the one man for whom she was created. Don't fret. That lady in hijaab is not oppressed by covering up. She simply is living as the Queen she is.