Wednesday, 20 March 2013


When I was a child, I ate not by myself. I was fed so I ate what was given me in feeding until I was given the ability to voice what I wanted to eat. Now, I need not wait for anyone, not even my mother to tell me what to eat, how to eat and when to do so.

Because, it is a natural phenomenon. I believe 90% of humans go through that. But the truth of the matter is, God created man and taught him his ways. He created man and put in his palm his decree until he began to live them.

Therefore, not only what we eat but what we drink, wear, do or where we go and what we say have been written down in our (Lawhul maafuuz) book of decree  and when they will stop will not change. However, prayers do shape people's lives. Prayers are man's weapon. Prayers are the only thing that separates man from his Creator. Prayer is the only ally one has in life.

Monday, 18 March 2013


I ask myself. Why is God so good to me and everyone? For man, if and when he is good to you, he wants something from you. When you fault somewhere, he forgets that you’re only human and need to be given a second chance. He quickly runs away from you.

But GOD! HE IS…JUST SO AMAZING! In times of happiness, He is there. In your state of confusion and indecisiveness, He is there. Even in extreme darkness, when you look left and right, forward and backwards and not even your shadow stays to keep you company, He says “I AM ALWAYS CLOSE TO MY SERVANT”.

Yet we do Him wrong and He asks us to return to Him in repentance and does not ask anything from us. God forgive us.


If doing a good deed feels great and doing bad feels terrible, then why should we strive in doing bad? Of course, we are humans and are very weak. But the best amongst us is the one who thrives to stand tall and do good even when he’s surrounded by evil. Let’s try so hard in making our Good deeds many every second of our existence.


His clothes torn
His looks ragged
His body dirty and stinky,
The man sat on a pile of rubbish

He brushed away rubbish from rubbish
In search of something
Something indispensable to him

I watched closely
And as I did so, pondered what he could be searching for
So desperately
He stood up and went to another side of the piled rubbish: He continued his frantic search

At last, he pulled out something
It was in the famous black Ghanaian polythene bag
He had kept certain things in his left hand and was therefore compelled to use his right hand to open what seemed to me, what he had been searching for

Carefully, I watched
At what his next step would be
But was no where surprised when I realized it was food
It probably is no news to anyone
And so was it not to me

He opened the leftover food he had found
And I saw him throw some parts of the food he had found away
This was so obvious: he was taking away a part that he knew or sensed could not be eaten away

At this point in time, could I be nothing but marvelled?!

Mad men are said to be psychologically unrivalled
How in God’s name, then did this man, mad, have the notion that the food he had “bought” from the market of rubbish contained unwanted material?!

This definitely isn’t a man mad
For, even with his madness, he still has sense
Yet, a senseless man is said to be mad

Then to me, he is the sense man mad

Friday, 15 March 2013


It's funny how whenever our parents (mothers especially) pray for us and say "May God give you a very good and religious spouse" and our usual response is very quick, "Aameen". Most often, it's not even this small but big and long "AAAAMMMEEEEEENN!!!” Hm. My mother once said the prayer (as she often does) and I answered "Aameen! But please make sure that I’m also a good and Godly spouse to make a perfect match". She could not utter a word. Now, here's the logic:

Young men and women pray and hope for a good spouse. It is called, the "marriage material". However, good comes in different forms. Depending on who's talking. Good could be rich and handsome. Good could be sincere and religious. Good could also be faithful and Godly. But in all these and more, I know the moment that prayer is uttered from parents, family or friends, we all think of all the good that can exist in man (a problem-free and problem-less individual).

But then if you pray for good and you are not good yourself, is that fair for the marriage material you are praying for?! It is said that charity begins at home but in this 21st century, I believe charity begins "with the self". Our parents have already done their parts in raising us. And due to schooling (both formal and informal), work, friendships, etc, we pick certain lifestyles and habits along the way. Our parents and family at this stage have little to do to mold us. We have to identify the bad from our own personalities and correct them.

You are specifically responsible for beautifying your character. You do not have to wait for someone to come and change you (as if that is entirely possible). Do not let someone's son or daughter suffer because of your ugly character. If you have certain bad habits (which we all do), please correct it and strive practicing the good before praying for a good spouse or as we so blatantly put it, "marriage material". Or else, I doubt if your prayer will materialize because you want someone's daughter or son to go through "hell" by marrying you. Is that fair?! Act up and you will have your prayers answered, if God Permits.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Meditation is a spiritual thing. In fact, it is universal necessity for the entire mankind. It was one of the practices of The Prophet (SAW). Meditation gives us the silence of our being. It is when that silence is there that we truly hear what our heart says, what lies within us. Let's try keeping silence for at least 30 minutes daily and see what it does to our lives. God Knows Best.


If you've NEVER seen or experienced Rape, Molestation, Hunger,
Thirst, No roof over your head, Suffering, The Evil of Mankind to Mankind or any form of An Unpleasant Feeling from Humanity to Humanity, My dear One Say a big THANK YOU to God and Pray for those who have gone and are still going through those and worse. Millions of Children and Women have died by the hands of cruel, selfish and greedy men whose love is for Nothing but Power and Money. God Knows Best.


We all make mistakes. However, how you deal with those mistakes show your real character. Are you going to keep playing the blame game every time something wrong crops up or will you be Bold enough to face your own woes?! Let's Remember that every decision we make, we will live with a consequence. Be it Good or Bad. But let's refrain from putting the blame on others. As for God, He's taken far too many a blame. God Help Us In All Our Decisions.


It's amazing how these days every Man wants to marry the lady in hijaab. He looks down upon the one without hijaab because to him, the precious diamond is the hijaabi. But the non-hijaabi is just another stone. Truthfully speaking, I think that's a first. I mean, it means times have changed and men are tired of being with the “wrong" women. To them, the hijaabi is simply Marriage Material. The non-hijaabi is simply a "free-wheeling-waster" Actually, that's also a first (lol).

Men no longer look at character traits, behaviour patterns, what a lady could be good at, her cooking skills, etc; Simply, they no longer look at her inner beauty. So far as she's "completely covered", then She's good to go with. Sorry to say this but guys, you are Very Wrong. Many of us hijaabis are also stones. The only difference is that, we have been covered with sand. The moment you wipe the sand off, you see the real us. Would you like the real us?! I'm sorry guys, but you're not the only once who are full of "hypocrisy"

Many of us do the hijaab for many reasons. Could be, to attract the man who wants a "precious diamond."To attract the "thumbs up" for being "religious" not Godly. Could also be, to be counted among the lot who do hijaab these days. But unfortunately, we care only about the outer looks since that's all you men care for. We simply have no time to "inspire" and feed the inner being. We give you what you want. If I can raise kids or not, you do not know.

If i can keep your home and property for you, boy, you do not know. As you men say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, can I cook at all? Well, you've not asked. Will I be patient with your silly attitude?!Come on, you should have showed some signs manna! Will I pamper you when you are sick?! Now that's silly. Who does that to a man?!When nature takes its course and your fate begins to show its real form, will I control myself by your side?!No, you've not asked. You could lose a part of you; will I live with the handicapped forever?!Of course, I did not even think about that. Will I argue with you on every point just to show you that "I Know My Right"?!Well, baby, you've not asked.

I'm too busy watching over what you've only seen and are attracted to. Men, you simply don't know but you think you do. After marriage you have NO right to complain that your wife is bad or beating you up (lol) because no one made that decision for you. You made your own choices and must live with it. Experience and Observations have made me realize that i am to fear even a "covered shadow".

I'll tell my brothers, if you make that decision, it's only yours to keep. So if you'll make it, just make it right because there's no going back. There are signs that Will let you know if the hijaabi you are choosing is "a rare gem" or simply "a rare stone” If you choose to overlook it and not pay attention to details, boy you decided your own destiny by choosing to live by the sword. Since you wouldn't look beyond the physical veil, then you have to die by the sword.


A peace of mind can work magic. A peace of mind can make you remember your Lord a million times in an hour; just as it's supposed to be. A peace of mind can trigger the 'I feel great and confident' sentiment in you. A peace of mind allows you to be the best you can be. Therefore, please do whatever you can to forget the bad, remember the good and go to sleep with a beautiful and genuine smile every day. So that you can wake up feeling new and as fresh as a new born baby.


Love isn't just a reciprocal act between a husband and a wife. Love is an act which is true but not just something you move on with in the times. Love is something which brings humility in human beings and peace between them. 

Many a times, when we are told "Love for your neighbour what you'd love for yourself", we take it but rarely comprehend its meaning. Love comes and stays forever if it is genuine. 

No matter the obstacles one may face, when you love, it should be complete. Then, there would be little or no hatred for your neighbour. Love and Love well. 

God Knows Best.


It's always a pleasure when a person meets people he can motivate and help nurture their ways of life. But it becomes history when someone comes into your life and helps you nurture your ways of life. To All those who have made history in people's lives, CONGRATULATIONS and May God Bless you. To all those whose ways of life have been nurtured, simply make them PROUD! God Knows Best.


Once in every while, someone enters your life and touches it in a way you never thought possible. People like that are also a sign of God’s Love and Mercy. God puts people in your life for a reason. It’s only for you to understand why? But these will definitely come in the forms of trials and tribulations. Good and evil are present in everyone’s life.

None of us is excused from it so whoever we are, we should do our best possible to be God’s love and Mercy in other’s lives. He Knows Best.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Before you are conceived, I think of
Who you are
How you are and
What you would look like

Before you are conceived, baby, I imagine
How your smile will look like
How your angry face will look like

Before you are conceived, I imagine
The sound of your laughter and
The "flow" of your tears

Baby, whether or not you will be conceived,
I can, already feel you in my womb
I can already weigh you in my arms

Promises are made to the living
But of course since they are also meant to be broken,
Then little non-existing one,

I can also make a few LEGITIMATE PROMISES;
I Promise to make you a LEGITIMATE matured sperm clot
I Promise to garnish my womb to make you feel and have a good developing “abode”

I Promise to pray for your non-existing soul’s safety as you develop in your comfort zone
And when you exist, I will sing the lullabies of God’s love to you every day as long as I have breath
I Promise on my womb’s honour, to make you smile when you’re sad

To kiss your beautiful tears when you cry and
To take every step of each phase of life with you to your future, In God’s name
My unborn, just exist and you will experience the greatest love of a promising-yet-to-be mother

Signed: To My Unborn, With Love.