• Although an artist and marketer by profession, Still and Always a Muslimmah in Faith.

  • If you do not know how to lie, don't lie. For it will always come back to haunt you or be your shadow wherever you go. Simply stick to sincerity.

  • Gone are the days when leadership positions were occupied by the wise. Now, they are occupied by hypocrites and thieves.

  • To psych myself up, all i need to do is smile and say, it will definitely not remain same so i can do it. Because, i am fearless, brave and brilliant.

  • Most people hate to be judged. You should love to be judged because it only tells you that you have power or control over those who judge you.

  • Always reactivate your ideal purpose in life. Because at a point, you may feel lost and confused. Reactivating it only pics you up from where you left off.

  • The moment you agree to love, you agree to hurt, to be hurt or feel hurt.

  • If i am not watching the road, then i am watching myself. But if I'm not familiar with the road, then i open my eyes widely and my ears so alert. For, i might make a mighty fall.

  • When you pray, let it come from your heart through your tongue not your eyes through your lips.

  • If gray hair is a sign of wisdom, then golden hair is a sign of wealth. 

  • I know a lie when i hear one. And i understand sincerity when i see one.

  • Anger is as unhealthy as hunger. 

  • Everyone has a conscience. But not everyone's conscience works properly. Others' is at fault.

  • Don't worry about the competition. Worry about your offer and mind your own business.

  •  You don't gamble with people's mind. So it will be safe to not think for others.

  • Where chemistry lies, fire lights thereof. 

  • Life is like a chameleon. When it begins to show you its true colors, you do nothing but gape. 

  • I do not know how many years or days i have left to live. But i know I'm living a moment and i must live that moment in the best way possible. 

  • Don't fret about those who appreciate you not. They simply are blind to valuables.

  •  One needs to manage his emotions so that the negative will not supersede the positive. He also has to blend his emotions so that the positive can have a good standing.

  • The mind is to books as the soul is to peace with God.

  • If a man gives you reason to trust him, distrust him. But if he gives you no reason to trust him, trust him.


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