Monday, 28 March 2016


Being a woman is easy but being that of a Muslim is quite challenging yet, fulfilling.
Sometimes, you think you've had the worse of life until you hear that of another. For me, life has, in it's own subtle way, taught me to be content knowing Islam than being content as a Muslim. The trials and tribulations that come our way as a result of discovering Islam, is a test of our faith. However, it is more difficult on us women when we have to deal with the inferiority complexes pinned on us by our societies.

When i say societies, our consanguens are certainly not left out. To have to deal with them highly opposed to our covering up, our "Godly" lifestyles which they often term as colloquial, our zeal to achieve good in this world and the hereafter, the struggle to get ourselves well or critically informed (i.e.seeking knowledge) like our men, is not just an infringement on our rights as women but a display of ignorance (from their part)on our personas as Young Muslim women.

However, without hesitation amidst all the struggle to gain respect and have the utmost free will to worship or serve Allah, in our own ways; (perhaps, the ways we know best) we do so via our short falls and still constantly strive to attain piety, victory from our human races and a self fulfillment that keeps us going.
It is hard. Very hard being a Muslim woman. But with the love for God, it never occurs to us that there's that kind of challenge. We only remember that time of the month when our abdomen persists in a painful reminder of the fact that we are eligible mothers. We recall the times when things are rough but say Alhamdulillah. We reminisce on the good and nearly forget the bad. We do not have any memory of being Striving Muslim women.

That becomes, a gift that only us can be given. Why? Because, irrespective of what we face, good or bad, we still keep ourselves close to Allah. Yes, as i say to myself often,the road from yesterday was rough. Today, it is being tarred. But by tomorrow,all the roads would have been made smooth for a beautiful journey.

Toutes mes félicitations mes amie. We've been kept safe from harm's way. All Praises are Certainly to Allah. ALHAMDULILLAH! It's been Awesome being a Muslim woman.