Wednesday, 16 April 2014


What can be a holier cement to society than that women should be chaste and pure and crimes against sex rooted out as a result of it? Should we not let decency,kindness and justice prevail in all sex relationships? Should we not encourage marriage to be cherished and carefully guarded as the rate at which people are marrying and divorcing runs faster than a moving train?
Women's rights secured?Family jars adjusted and all life lived in faith, charity and kindness? Should we not all learn about the acts on sincerity towards all our fellow creatures? Be it living and non-living?
Hmm...this world would be a better place only if you and I kept to the acts of reflecting every time of day. And God Knoweth Best. Assallaamu aleiykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Everything in creation proclaims the glory of God.And to man was given dominion over nature.That man may recognize God's Unity and God's Truth. Therefore,it is believed that man should never lose sight of his goal which is the Good, or dispute with the great Teachers who're sent to us all to bring about Unity.(i.e. All

Creatures Should serve God). But of course, we as men,show so much ingratitude in recounting God's favors.His signs in favors in the rain bearing clouds, the cattle that give milk and meat,the bee that produces honey to re freshen and heal us.Above all,the wonderful relations of family and social life and the refinements and comforts of civilization. Dear people, The Holy Qur'an is TRUE.It guides and gives glad tidings.Please

Believe and make the most of life in all things good and lawful.Lets Follow the example of The Prophet Abraham/Ibrahim and be true in Faith and Righteous and do good. God Knows Best.