Monday, 29 April 2013


A recent happening in our communities has brought an extremely important yet “unique” situation within the youth. A naive girl lives under her mother's roof with little to eat but knows what to do on her yearly Christian Calendar birthday. A naive man who shares a room with his friend or family knows where to celebrate his birthday. A naive man who suffers minute to earn money knows that he has to organize a birthday party for his “girl friend.”

At these parties, “clothes are worn.” “Prayers are offered.” “Friendships are created.” After everything is said and done, the parties or persons involved look back to their everyday lives. Living in poverty and utter insanity. Every youth today, knows when he/she was born not because he/she is required to know but because the birthday is a memorable day. How insane?!

Does anyone stop to think of the infant who died a few seconds before or after birth? On your birthday, do you ever think of why you have lived to see that day? Do we ever even stop to think of the pain our mothers went through in giving birth, weaning and raising us? Do we ever wait for a few seconds and pray for ourselves and our parents irrespective of any circumstance or where they may be? Do we in all honesty, reflect on where we are coming from and where we are headed?

On the day, we call exceptional, have you and I, just praised God for creating us, for protecting us, for giving our guardians patience and understanding in our upbringing? Have we ever just smiled with our hearts and eyes and said, ALHAMDULILLAH to God?

NO. NO. And NO. The birthday trend has filled our heads and hearts. We just want to enjoy that day while it lasts or while we can to the fullest. All we think of is ourselves on that day. But we do forget that just as it’s a one year plus, it’s also a one year minus to our years of life and therefore, need to "get busy" before we can't.

Do good on your birthday. Fast if you can. Share it with the people who need it most. Get closer to God with every second of breath He Blesses you with and pray for His Guidance all the time. In this, you will surely find peace within you and satisfaction for the rest of your days on earth. And God Knows Best.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Time undoubtedly waits for no man whiles man desperately waits on life. Life distress-fully waits for no opportunity. Daily, as the rooster crows and the birds chirp. As the dogs bark at night and the fireflies “tick”, man grows. Man ages. And man welcomes his unwelcome guest; death.

But before the inevitability of death consumes man, he reminisces. Man wishes he could turn the hands of time. Man wishes to return to a time when life was uncomplicated. Man, little child. He wants to be oblivious to the complexities of life. He wants to be overly excited by the little things that make him a little child.

Man wants to believe in the power of smiles,
The benefit of hugs
The love of a kind word
The strength and affection of truth and justice
The solemnity of peace
Then he wants to believe in the integrity of dreams and the inspiration of mankind.

At that point in time, it is not insanity but God in His infinite Knowledge working.
He can change  the condition of even the most faithful worshiper.
Indeed He makes him the man child.


Living in our world for long is not permanent. But dying away for long is eternal. The more we grow, the more we learn. The more we grow, the faster our years of living reduce. Such is life.

Years may wrinkle our skin but to give up in life wrinkles our destiny. What have we put down for ourselves for that day of reckoning? What will we tell ourselves when the owner of the heavens and the earth calls us to Him?!

We are on the verge of extinction minute by minute, day by day and need to wake up and smell the coffee before our sense of smell exits. With all the chaos in our lives, all the fun, all the pain, mysteries, hatred, joy and happiness, we must understand one thing.

We own nothing but ourselves. We own nothing except ourselves. This world and its laws allow us nothing except ourselves. And there’s nothing we can leave behind when we die Except the memory of ourselves. So the best we can keep and leave as memory to the world and the hereafter is the best in deeds and words. And God knows best.