Friday, 1 November 2013


When one lives,it's a test of faith. When one dies,all the results of the tests go along with him. I've lived just 24 years,four months and fifteen days. I'm a youth in her prime. It's just simple as that. But before being a youth,I'm first and most importantly, a Muslim. Now, that comes before any other thing. I Live For God. Simple. Whether good or bad.
In all my years,I believe I start counting my real life at the age of 14-15. WHY? Because the first teenage years are still seen as childhood years in my part of the world. Growing up,I knew so little about Islam. I mean,till date, I believe I still know little. But it keeps getting better by the years. I knew I needed to pray but I hardly did as a "child." I knew I needed to fast and I did it 'cause the mood was rightly global. I knew I needed to attend Arabic school and I did that so unwillingly and impassionately. All those years,I simply lived as an ignorant teen. Doing what I liked and living for the time without knowing in any way what death is/was.
Photo credit: Women in Islam
But as the years go by, event upon event occurs,then knowledge is collected from a series of experiences,I began to know God and what I was created for. I strived and still strive to comprehend God in the possible little way I can. Of course this comes with many hicups and setbacks. It also comes with the smooth ride over a terribly bumpy road. Then the smiles against the pains. And the tears despite the hugs and kind words or even the heart touching recitations of the Qur'an. But Above all, even in the most terrible way, I knew I was simply living my decree and all those highs and lows were simply My Tests of faith.
Whatever good I got from my actions,I knew it was a test of faith. Whatever "bad" (as most of us call it) that was generated from either my actions or not, I knew it was simply a test of faith. However, i grew to understand clearly,that the true test of faith lies in the one thing that one struggles with on a daily basis. PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE (on the innate desire to have what one feels for at any time-a whimsical desire) In every aspect of the word,discipline was and is the most difficult thing to do without training or advice. Everyone has his or her own test. We live different decrees. No two people can live through one decree and come out the same. My life has been so imperfect. And absolutely the best life I could have been given to live. So is any one else's. But the most common attributes in all our lives, in all our decrees are Patience and Discipline. In everything we do and everywhere we are. Irrespective of who we are,what we are,where we're from and where we're headed.
Patience and Discipline in light and darkness. Alone and in company. Audibly and Silently. It takes a disciplined mind and body to serve God genuinely. It takes a disciplined heart to understand or strive to understand the ways of God. Because in the end, your test of faith comes with clearly, undisputed documented results in your grave. Written by no one except yourself. No lies will accompany you then. No forgery with a correction fluid will accompany you. It's simple and straight forward. Your actions and reactions during your tests will reward you. So why not discipline yourself in patience. And why not patiently discipline yourself? A reminder To those who constantly reflect.