Sunday, 2 November 2014


Every day God gives to you and i, is a gift.A Blessed gift.Which isn't even in disguise.So when He stops giving it to us,then we get to be with Him(God).

Getting to be with God simply means one thing.You're relieved of all your virtual world duties and struggles.Above all,you don't get to complain about how "unfair" life is.Why then,Fear death?We Should envisage death as the best gift we could ever receive from God.In so doing,we will live right for we know we're prone to it any time.

Besides,isn't it time we thought of this Qur'anic verse: Surah Al-Inshirah,Verse 5-6 "Surely with every difficulty is ease.With difficulty is surely ease" along the path of our meeting with God???!!!
May God increase our knowledge with understanding.Aameen.

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